Engineering Design

With more-than-twenty years of experience in an electrical field, we can help you choose right equipment, such as batteries, UPSs , and even power generators which are suitable for your needs. Our experts in electrical power can precisely calculate output efficiency in order that you will have enough power for all designated devices during a power outage. Not only can we help you create the system , we can also formulate a maintenance plan so that you will have the durable system that lasts longer than the break-even point.

Project Management

We have experience in managing from small-scaled jobs to national projects, such as energy storage ecosystem or critical power utility installation. We know how to control time, resources and manpower to maximize advantages. No matter how project size is small or big, we will wholeheartedly take it because what we truly want are forging professional relationships with you and taking part in a job that drives our society forwards.


You do not have to feel concern about procurement any longer if you assign us to do that task for you. We have strong relationships with various trustworthy suppliers which have products such as UPSs, computer servers, network equipment, VRLA batteries and Lithium-ion batteries. By having good business connections, we can negotiate a deal that meets given requirements and is worth your expense. Not only will we provide you with technical knowledge about products, we will be always with you to lend support as well.


If you already have a plan and equipment, but you lack a good team that has creativity and is able to solve emergency problems, PECTEC has the team you want. All of our engineers are knowledgeable and highly trained. They will never give up until the assigned tasks are done.