Energy Storage Solutions

Time Shift

One of the most straightforward application for Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is to shift the usage or even the generation of the energy from one period of time to another. This application can basically be used anywhere in the grid, from generation to consumption.

Energy Management

Like a tank of water, energy storage can help people efficiently manage energy usage throughout a day. This application is suitable for smart residential that invest on energy generation, such as PV, and want to get the best out of it.

Capacity Firming

Renewables are known to be highly uncertain, depended on sources. It makes power producers have difficult time controlling them. With the use of ESS, such renewables can indirectly be controlled and made firm. This application is best for renewable power plant.

Peak Shaving

Sometimes, peak energy usage only happens in a short period of time during a day but it costs a lot. ESS can solve the problem with ease by supplying power at peak and recharging at lower demand. This application is best for large office buildings or shopping malls.

Load Frequency Control

A mismatch between generation and load causes system frequency to fluctuate and system to become insecure. Fortunately, ESS can response much faster than the synchronous machine and ,hence, can greatly improve system stability. This application is for power plants dealing with load following.

Spinning Reserve

Normally, the spinning reserve is the extra generating capacity that is available by increasing the power output of generators that are already connected to the power system. Sometimes generators are already running at rated power and , thus, cannot increase further. ESS can help in that scenario.