Battery Monitoring System on the Cloud

Our cloud system allows you to monitor your batteries wherever and whenever you like. Users who have access to the Internet can check system status as well as a monitoring team on site. You will not miss any incidents. Our system can informs you by an email, a telephone message or a push notification. You can both save money and time by using our cloud-based system.

Local Control Unit

LCU keeps collecting data from batteries in a system. It will raise an alarm if collected values exceed thresholds in settings. Monitoring applications such as SCADA can retrieve the information to display in a monitoring center using Modbus TCP/IP protocols. It also has dry-contact ports to communicate with other devices.

Data Gathering Unit

DGU is a measuring device. There are two versions. One can measure basic parameters like voltages, currents and temperatures. The other can specify internal resistances of each battery by injecting pulses of currents. IR is one of important health factors that helps identify a defected block more easily improving reliability of your system.

Closed-Loop Hall Effect Sensor

Hall effect current sensors have no physical contacts with a power line, which is safer than other types of sensors. Currents measured by these sensors have fast response and high linearity. These characteristics are suited for backup power systems because they discharge current only a few seconds before power generators are ready and takes control.

Main Features


System allows your personnel to monitor all equipments with ease. It displays overall parameters, states and status. Users do not have to browse through each page one by one, which is a waste of time and could cause an error. Staff members only need to leave the System page open and BMS will keep updating newly-collected data on browsers. An alarm sound will be set off if an incident occurs.


Realtime helps create a better picture of your system. Voltages of each battery are shown in a bar chart so that persons in charge can make an evaulation about system trends. Red lines drawn in the picture are thresholds. If a block voltage approaches the line, its color will change and users will recognize its status.


History is a powerful tool. A defected battery may not show a negative sign during a floating state at all because its voltage is being dominated by a charger. Monitoring batteries while they are discharging are more useful in some situations. Threfore, PECTECT has developed History so as to give users an ability to view previous data. Moreoever, you will never suffer data lost again since we keep all records in the Cloud.


Chat resolves difficulties you face and keep you posted. You can ask for advice on your batteries with our AI if you encounter a problem. We have prepared all possible answers to help solve it. In addition, you can also check status of all systems on Line, allowing you to perform multitasking. You and your team will save a lot of time on monitoring.